Monsanto To Pay $289 Million In Roundup Lawsuit

Monsanto Lawsuit Update

British Broadcasting Corporation - On Friday, August 10th, chemical company Monsanto was ordered to pay $289 million dollars in damages for knowingly using Glyphosate in its most-popular weed killing product Roundup.

The decision was awarded by a jury in San Francisco, California, who sided with the plaintiff, Dewayne Johnson. Mr. Johnson had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma after years of using Roundup as a groundskeeper in a California school district. Approximately $39 million dollars was allocated in compensatory damages (pain, suffering, medical bills) and another $250 million dollars in punitive damages.

With over 5,000 pending lawsuits against Monsanto set to head to trial, the focal point of each claim insists that the chemical giant knowingly withheld scientific research about Glyphosate being a cancer danger. Glyphosate is the world’s most-used weed killer, but it has come under the microscope of health agencies around the United States and Europe in recent years.

The recent ruling is just the tip-of-the-spear for future lawsuits against Monsanto. You can read our previous blog on the Roundup lawsuit here, which discusses injury and exposure criterion.

If you’ve been exposed to Roundup and have experienced any of the listed criterion above, you may be eligible to receive compensation for damages suffered, medical expenses, or lost work wages. Give us a call to find out more (800) 229-7704.

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