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Shoulder bursitis from flu shot: flu vaccine injury lawsuit

I would like to express my gratitude to Amy Senerth and her staff for the way they took care of my case. Amy was very quick to respond to any questions I had. She was kind and cared a lot about helping you through the whole process with ease. If you need someone who is kind, caring, professional and quick to get you everything you  deserve then Amy and her staff are the ones to see, Thank you Amy I am very satisfied with all you have done for me. Theresa from West Virginia


Dermatitis from Tdap vaccine: tdap vaccine side effects

I highly recommend Shealene Mancuso. She fought for us from day 1. If we had a question about our case she was very professional about getting back to us. Going through the vaccine court is not an easy process. It’s time consuming and complicated. Shealene helped us get through it. Thank you Shealene. Mike from Montana


Tetanus shot injury: frozen shoulder from tetanus vaccine

A BIG THANKS to Max Muller and staff for their excellent assistance and guidance through a very difficult time in my life. Karen from Oklahoma


Endocarditis from a vaccine: flu shot injury

Not enough words to describe this wonderful firm.  Everyone was extremely professional, yet empathetic to my needs.  I felt like they were there for ME!  I fully recommend them, their staff, and everyone's expertise. – Flo from Pennsylvania


Frozen shoulder from a flu shot: flu vaccine injury lawyer

I can't rate Shealene Mancuso's help with my vaccine case highly enough! Her meticulous attention to detail, prompt responses to my questions, and expert knowledge about the process, were very impressive and very reassuring -- resulting in a positive outcome.  I highly recommend Shealene and My Vaccine Lawyer should you find yourself in need of their services. – Ross from Connecticut


Flu shot shoulder injury: shoulder tendonitis from vaccine

I was not sure what was going to happen when I contacted My Vaccine Lawyer, but I’m so glad I did. Max was always quick to answer my questions, as was his wonderful staff. The settlement he got for me will certainly change my situation as the Covid19 virus is changing our country. I hope he knows how much I appreciate his persistence to get a good outcome. Although I still have issues with my shoulder, I have come to terms with it. But, no more Flu shots! Thanks again to Max and his staff! Cindy from Georgia


Frozen shoulder from a flu shot: flu vaccine injury lawsuit

I had a frozen shoulder following a flu shot given in the very back of my arm. Everything they told me turned out to be 100% accurate. They were very responsive and worked very hard on my case. Highly recommended!!!  Tammy from South Carolina


Blackout after vaccine: syncope from meningitis shot

Mr. Brazil and his firm worked tirelessly and consistently to assist my daughter. He was readily available and understanding. The same culminated with excellent results. I highly recommend Mr. Brazil without reservation. – Aleda from Pennsylvania


Rotator cuff injury from flu vaccine

In doing research on a preferred vaccine lawyer to handle my case, I stumbled upon My Vaccine Lawyer. They were very responsive along the way, were able to communicate with me via email and phone anytime i had questions, and were very pleasant to work with. Even through the government shutdown in 2019, and through COVID, they have been able to keep me updated when things were (or weren't) making any progress. I would highly recommend their services if you are someone like me, who was worried about not having any face to face communication, or questioning whether they are a legitimate service. If I ever have to utilize vaccine injury services in the future (which I hope I do not have to) then I will definitely revisit My Vaccine Lawyer. They were great! – Joe from Iowa


Flu shot shoulder injury: frozen shoulder from vaccine

I would like to say that Shealene Mancuso was extremely Responsive , every time I had a question about my case, she would respond back to me the same day or within 24 hours. She kept me updated on my case throughout the entire process. I highly recommend this firm Muller Brazil, My Vaccine Lawyer. I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case. Kathy from Florida


Prevnar vaccine injury: rotator cuff injury from vaccine

I highly recommend My Vaccine Lawyer ... Paul gave me a thorough understanding of what I needed to do in processing my vaccine injury claim since I had constant shoulder and arm pain for four hundred and fifty four days due to an improper pneumonia vaccine injection. I appreciated Mr. Brazil's guidance through the entire legal process and succeeded in getting a satisfactory settlement for me. Thank you again, Paul. – Richard from Pennsylvania


Tdap vaccine injury: bursitis & tendonitis from vaccine

After enduring the unexpected and painful results of a simple TDAP shot administered in late 2014, I discovered the site and began my journey of learning about the vaccine injury program that supports those in my situation. I also discovered that there were options as well as access to effective and professional legal representation that could secure a financial settlement for a common victim like me. After speaking with Paul Brazil and then working with Maximillian Muller for the past year, I can honestly attest to their collective professional approach to engaging the process, keeping it simple and recovering a fair settlement. If you are in pain through no fault of your own yet suspicious that this is for real, do what I did – CALL THEM!! You won’t be disappointed! – Kevin from Pennsylvania


Flu shot shoulder injury: frozen shoulder from vaccine

From the first conversation, Mr. Paul Brazil was professional and clear about the process of filing and documenting an injury claim. His advice proved to be invaluable, and he was always accessible when I needed help during the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Brazil and his staff. – Candace from Oregon


Flu shot shoulder injury: sirva vaccine injury

Mr. Muller is an exceptional attorney. He exceeded all expectations I had in the settlement of my vaccine case. He kept me well-informed throughout the progression of my case. I can’t thank him enough for his diligence in getting me a truly fair settlement. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and a blessing to have him in my corner. – Kathy from Pennsylvania


Flu shot shoulder injury: shoulder tendonitis from vaccine 

When I received my flu shot in my left shoulder, I wasn’t sure what my options were. I knew the very moment I received the flu vaccine that something had gone seriously wrong. My range of motion was limited and the pain was unbelievable. I saw attorney Paul Brazil on CBS News. I was very skeptical of the whole vaccine injury program. I honestly didn’t expect much – I just wanted my out of pocket medical expenses to be reimbursed. My vaccine attorneys Paul Brazil and Clark Hodgson were amazing!! They exceeded my expectations and got me way more of a settlement than I could ever imagine. I can’t say enough good things about them and this law firm. They were sincere and very helpful with my many questions along the way. Anyone suffering from a vaccine injury – please do not hesitate to contact my vaccine lawyer! – Gina from Georgia


Flu shot shoulder injury: rotator cuff tear from vaccine

I was very skeptical of the whole vaccine injury program in the beginning. It seemed too good to be true. Mr. Muller took the time to explain the entire process to me and made me feel 100% comfortable. He was very knowledgeable about everything from the legal issues to the medical. In the end, I received a huge settlement with little or no effort on my end. It would have been a huge mistake not to pursue my claim and I cannot recommend this firm more highly. – Tony from New Mexico


guillain-barre syndrome from flu shot

Choosing a vaccine attorney can be a very intimidating task during an already stressful situation. Paul Brazil was an excellent choice! Having an attorney you can trust and depend on makes things a whole lot easier during this process. Mr. Brazil worked hard to get me the best possible settlement. He was always available when I had questions or concerns. Mr. Paul Brazil deserves credit and recognition for going above and beyond as a vaccine attorney! He exceeded my expectations! THANK YOU, MR. PAUL BRAZIL FOR YOUR EXCELLENT REPRESENTATION – YOU ARE AN AWESOME ATTORNEY. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MR. PAUL BRAZIL. – Jennifer from Georgia


Flu shot shoulder injury: shoulder bursitis from vaccine

When I was first injured from the vaccine that I received, I didn’t know what to do. Mr. Muller took the time to explain to me step by step what to expect. Since I had never been in a situation like this before, I was hesitant to move ahead with the case for fear of the unknown. I had to go with my gut instincts that told me Mr. Muller was sincere and would take care of my situation. Indeed he did! Mr. Muller was always available when I had a question and never made me feel bad for calling with another question. His patience and pleasant demeanor was very much appreciated. I was completely amazed by the settlement that I received and grateful for it. It even came exactly when he said it would. Although I hope I don’t have the need for legal representation anytime soon, I will be sure to contact My Vaccine Lawyer in the future if the need arises. – Sherry from New York


SIRVA injury from vaccine administration

My SIRVA odyssey began a little over a year ago. I could not believe the debilitating damage a tetanus shot had done to my shoulder. Looking for answers I got on the computer and there I found Paul Brazil. Paul brings commitment, knowledge and passion in representing those of us who suffer with the lingering effects of SIRVA. He is a staunch advocate for his clients and is aggressive at bringing awareness to this ongoing problem. Anyone suffering from a vaccine injury please do not hesitate to contact My Vaccine Lawyer, Paul Brazil. – Lynne from Maryland


Tetanus shot injury: cidp from vaccine administration

I can’t say enough good things about this firm. I was in shock when I heard the settlement they negotiated. – Linda from Mississippi


Tdap vaccine injury: shoulder bursitis from tdap shot

Max was amazing to work with! He set right to work on my case, was always very professional & quick to respond to any emails and always took calls should I need to reach him. He did what he said he was going to do and did it well. I highly recommend this law firm & am forever grateful for Max’s hard work on my case. – Holly from Montana


Guillain-barre syndrome from flu shot

Thank you for all your work to get this for us. My husband really lucked out by getting you when he called about this. You have been wonderful and so caring about us I just can’t thank you enough. I don’t think we have ever had anyone work so hard for us. We never really met but I feel like I know you. You're a good man Max and I know God will bless you for your good works. – Michael from North Carolina


Flu shot shoulder injury: ulnar neuropathy from flu vaccine

JUST OUTSTANDING! Thank heaven I was pointed in your direction for help with my flu shot complications. The size of the settlement you obtained was a complete shock to me since I had given up hope we would prevail with the government. How wrong I was! Again……thank you, thank you, thank you. – Richard from Pennsylvania


Flu shot shoulder injury: frozen shoulder from vaccine

The lawyers and staff at My Vaccine Lawyer were a pleasure to deal with over the past year. I always got a call back within 24 hours. They were very knowledgeable about my shoulder injury and made the legal part of the claim painless. I am very grateful for their service. – Christine from Texas


Flu shot vaccine injury compensation

When I received a flu shot that left my shoulder permanently damaged, I wasn’t sure what my options were. I hit the internet looking for answers. I came across My Vaccine Lawyer and Paul Brazil. He made sure I realized I wasn’t alone in this, that my case was not unique, and that he had helped many others like me. It was so nice to know that there was help for me. He guided me through the whole process and was always available with a prompt response to any questions I had. Aside from all of the help through the process, he negotiated a settlement that was fair and made a bad situation a little better. I am very thankful to Mr. Brazil and all he does for people like me. – Jennie from Maryland


Vaccine injury compensation for flu shot injury

Maximillian Muller and the team at Muller Brazil were able to quickly resolve our matter in an amicable way. Their expertise, responsiveness and professionalism are to be commended. – Barry from Pennsylvania


Shoulder injury from flu shot: frozen shoulder from vaccine

We can’t thank you enough for your time, expertise and support. Working with you has been such a pleasure. You easily guided us through the claim filing process, educating us along the way. We felt we were in good hands, and bottom line, appreciated working with someone who believed our story, and that my injury from the flu vaccine was genuine. I have shared your name with others who may have a similar situation, and will continue to do so. – Gina from Washington


Vaccine injury from flu shot: brachial neuritis from vaccine

I was really lucky to have found Max for my vaccine injury claim. Working with him was simple and he was always very professional. I’m so happy to have the case settled and I credit Max with all the hard work! Thank you! – Erin from Seattle


Shoulder bursitis & rotator cuff tear from flu shot

I was so fortunate to find Mr. Muller to represent me for injuries related to the flu vaccine. He was responsive, thoughtful, and kind and made everything related to my case as easy as possible. He kept in contact with me throughout the process and kept me informed of what to expect. Mr. Muller exceeded all my expectations. I am so grateful to him and highly recommend him. – Ann from Missouri


Intussusception from rotavirus vaccine

The attorneys and staff were very easy to work with and kept me regularly updated on my case. They seemed very knowledgeable throughout the process. – Gary from Indiana


Vaccine injury: frozen shoulder & tendonitis from flu shot

I honestly didn’t expect much from my botched flu shot. I just wanted my out of pocket medical expenses to be reimbursed. Max and his team went above and beyond my expectations by 1000%. My family and I are truly grateful! – Nicole from Colorado


Guillain-barre syndrome from flu shot

I didn’t know anything about the vaccine program until I found My Vaccine Lawyer online. From the first phone call, I knew I was in good hands. – Sean from Pennsylvania


MMR shot injury: anaphylaxis from vaccine administration

The team at Muller Brazil went above and beyond my expectations. They were able to quickly resolve my matter in an amicable way. Their expertise, responsiveness and professionalism are to be commended. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need. – Jonathan from Kentucky

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