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For Spring 2021.

My Vaccine Lawyer offers college scholarship opportunities if you need financial aid for the new school year or are going back to school. Apply today!


Bi-Annual Scholarship - $2,500

A commitment to education and supporting the community is a core value at My Vaccine Lawyer. In addition to our pro bono and philanthropic efforts, our firm values education and understands that obtaining an education is the pathway to success for many students.

As attorneys, we all have earned both undergraduate degrees as well as successfully completed a rigorous three-year Juris Doctor before being eligible to sit for the Bar Exam. Through these experiences, we have come to understand the financial burdens associated with obtaining an education beyond high school, which is why we are pleased to announce that we will be awarding a bi-annual $2,500 education scholarship to the winners of our essay contest. By creating this award, we hope to help the next generation of students realize their educational and professional goals. In order to be considered for our $2,500 scholarship, applicants must submit a 1,500-word essay answering the question below for the designated deadline.

The My Vaccine Lawyer higher education scholarship is open to individuals who are currently attending or are planning to attend an accredited college or university in the United States for undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate studies.


Application & Essay Instructions

Deadlines for application: May 1, 2021

Applicants must submit a 1,500-word essay answering the question posed at the bottom of this page.

*There is one essay question for each deadline. 

Applicants must also provide the following information in the header of their essay:

  • Full name, email address, and phone number;
  • The name of the institution where they are currently attending or planning to attend in the following semester (Spring or Fall);
  • If the applicant is under 18, a signed note from a parent or legal guardian giving consent to apply for the scholarship.

Applications should be uploaded through the form on the righthand side of this page.

By submitting the application and essay response, applicants grant My Vaccine Lawyer permission to publish the winner's first name and last initial on its website and social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn.


Scholarship Essay Question

Mandatory Vaccine Legislation: A Public Health Necessity or Overreaching Governmental Regulation

In the wake of the measles outbreak of 2019, many states began to end non-medical exemptions to vaccination. It comes as no surprise that there has been increasing backlash from anti-vaccine organizations.

While there is an overwhelming scientific consensus that vaccines are safe, the opposition's argument deserves reason for pause: parents, not government, should control their children’s healthcare. In March of 2020, residents in Maine voted against mandatory vaccinations in a ballot referendum.

Taking the position that vaccinations are scientifically safe, if you were a resident of Maine, how would you have casted your vote? Are mandatory vaccination laws a violation of privacy? Religious freedom? Is there an argument to be made that mandating vaccination in public, but not private, schools allows only affluent parents the privilege of vaccine-choice and is therefore discriminatory?

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