Latest California Vaccine News

UCLA - On Monday, September 3, 2018, researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (“UCLA”) determined that adult vaccination rates in the state of California are vastly lower than recommended federal guidelines. In lieu of this discovery, the team of researchers at UCLA suggested that by requiring health insurance companies to cover vaccinations for adults, it could prevent future diseases and deaths from illnesses such as the flu, meningitis, and measles across the Golden State.

The report found that the rate of those vaccinated for the flu in California was only 31 percent, far behind the 70 percent mark recommended by the federal government. Other vaccination rates lagging behind in the state are for the Human Papillomavirus (“HPV”) and Pneumococcal vaccines. The team at UCLA attributes these low rates to the coverage policies of health insurance companies which do not enable vaccines such as the flu and HPV to be administered at pharmacies, but rather only at doctors’ offices.

A push for the California state legislature to require health insurance companies to cover additional vaccine administrations across pharmacies will bring about a serious political and ethical battle in the coming months, much like the state’s 2016 vaccination requirements legislation did in the past. For more on those requirements, they can be found here at the National Vaccine Information Center.

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