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Let Us Make the Vaccine Injury Process Simple for You

Start here for everything you need to know about the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and our resources. Like any legal system, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is complex. For help navigating your next steps, check out our answers to frequently asked questions below.


Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)


Reporting a Vaccine Injury and Filing a Claim

No fault claim.

We do not sure your doctor, pharmacy or any medical provider.

No cost to you.

This program was designed to be accessible and at no charge for all.

Sit back, we'll do the fighting.

Cases rarely go to trial, we'll litigate with the DOJ to get what you deserve.


Working With a Vaccine Injury Lawyer


Vaccine Injury Signs & Symptoms

Still Have Questions?

Book a free consultation to speak with a lawyer directly. We’ll evaluate your case and provide clarity on the VICP process and your next steps.

Talk With A Vaccine Lawyer

"I recommend them. It took a while to achieve the settlement but they were honest in advising me that it would take time. I received a great settlement; I was provided straight forward no nonsense advice and guidance and regular updates. When they needed something from me for the case they were quick to communicate with me. Overall, they came across with integrity; lightheartedness and professionalism."
- Jez, SIRVA Client