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Max Muller Wins Compensation for Woman Who Suffered from SIRVA

Shoulder Injury from Flu Shot, SIRVA | My Vaccine Lawyer

Attorney Max Muller was retained by a woman who suffered a shoulder injury following a flu shot and pneumonia vaccine.  Immediately following the vaccination, she felt intense left upper arm pain and swelling and developed redness, swelling and a lump at the vaccination sites.

Her pain persisted and she developed wound infections at the injection sites which were later diagnosed as cellulitis.  She was also diagnosed with tendonitis, bursitis and a rotator cuff tear through a subsequent MRI. She was eventually forced to undergo a surgical rotator cuff repair when conservative treatment failed to provide relief.

Attorney Max Muller filed a petition in the Court of Federal Claims seeking compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  After nearly a year of litigation, the Department of Health and Human Services conceded that Mr. Muller had proven entitlement to damages on behalf of his client.  The compensation package included a six-figure settlement for pain and suffering plus reimbursement of out of pocket medical expenses.

Related Case Results:

  • $180,194 – Flu shot caused shoulder injury necessitating surgery
  • $166,622 – Flu shot at work caused shoulder bursitis and frozen shoulder

Vaccine Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one may have suffered an adverse reaction to a vaccination, please contact My Vaccine Lawyer at (800) 229-7704 for a free consultation.  Our vaccine attorneys would be happy to review your potential case and provide comprehensive legal analysis.

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