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Paul Brazil Wins Over $150,000 for Child After Chickenpox Vaccine

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Attorney Paul Brazil was retained by the family of a young child who developed an allergy to beef after receiving the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine in 2010.  Beef is an ingredient in the chickenpox vaccine.  The child suffered an immediate anaphylactic reaction to the vaccine resulting in itchy throat and swollen eyes.  He was rushed to the emergency room where he was treated with antihistamines.

The child seemed to have recovered from the anaphylactic reaction.  However, upon undergoing allergy testing it was revealed he had developed an allergy to beef and gelatin, two ingredients contained in the chickenpox vaccine.  Following the vaccine, if the child ingested any food that had merely touched beef, he would suffer an allergic reaction.

Attorney Paul Brazil filed a petition in the Court of Federal Claims seeking compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  After nine months of litigation, the Department of Health and Human Services conceded that Mr. Brazil had proven entitlement.  The compensation package included:

  • $134,539.80 for pain and suffering
  • $3,273.36 for reimbursement of past medical costs
  • $12,275.76 in projected future expenses for Epipen prescriptions

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