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Hepatitis B Vaccine Side Effects
& Adverse Vaccine Reactions

What is the hepatitis b vaccine?

The Hepatitis B vaccine is suggested immediately after birth to prevent HBV infection which attacks the liver. Adults can also receive Hep B booster shots.

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What is the hepatitis b vaccine?

A highly effective vaccine, the Hepatitis B shot is often administered to both children and adults to prevent contraction of Hepatitis B, both Acute and Chronic cases. Hepatitis B is a severe liver infection characterized by jaundice, dark urine, extreme fatigue and weakness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loss of appetite and can increase the risk of liver cancer if left untreated. It is caused by the Hepatitis B virus. Transmission of the Hepatitis B virus occurs through unknowing contact with body fluids or sexual contact including blood, semen and saliva.


When is the hepatitis b vaccine given?

The Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended as a three-dose series of shots. Typically it is given to infants over a six month period, a schedule that should be completed between six and 18 months of age. The World Health Organization recommends administration of the initial Hepatitis B vaccine first dose within 24 hours of birth and the second dose before 18 months of age. Furthermore, the Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for healthy adults and older children who have not previously received the vaccine or as a booster shot / third dose.

Recently, My Vaccine Lawyer's founding partner Max Muller was interviewed by NBC Philadelphia about Hepatitis B vaccine injuries from vaccines along with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a federal compensation program for vaccine injuries in the United States.

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Hepatitis b side effects

The Hepatitis B vaccine is associated with the following potential serious side effects and adverse events in children:

  • Soreness at the injection site
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Severe allergic reaction
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dark urine
  • Jaundice
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Joint Pain 

Hepatitis b vaccine symptoms

Although rare, you may suffer a more severe reaction or injury as a result of the Hepatitis B vaccination. According to the Vaccine Injury Table, some of the possible injuries of the Hepatitis B vaccine include:

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Shoulder injury (at the injection site)
  • Fainting

Worsening symptoms could also be early signs of serious illness including Guillain-Barre Syndrome ("GBS"), Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy ("CIDP"), optic neuritis, Transverse Myelitis and Parsonage-Turner Syndrome ("PTS"). Improper administration of the vaccination, can also result in shoulder-related injuries. Any neurological problems or other health issues you suffer after being vaccinated with Hepatitis B could be related to the inoculation.

If you became ill or disabled after a vaccination, or if you lost your child to the sometimes fatal reactions associated with vaccines, you deserve compensation for the resulting expenses and the debilitating pain and suffering caused by such a tragedy.


Have you suffered a hepatitis b vaccine injury?

Often administered to young children to prevent the Hepatitis B infection, the Hep B vaccine is a multi-dose vaccination that has been known to cause various adverse reactions and injuries including, but not limited to: SIRVA, Anaphylaxis, seizures, and neurological complications. This is why Congress created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ("VICP") – to help the victims of adverse effects from vaccines. The program allows those of any age across the United States who believe that they may have suffered an injury from one of the covered vaccines to file a claim. If you or a loved one has suffered one of the common side effects listed above or an injury after receiving the Hepatitis B vaccine, speak with a vaccine lawyer at My Vaccine Lawyer immediately.

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