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$30+ Million Recovered Since 2018

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ("VICP") - Vaccine Injury Claims for Vaccines

In 1986, Congress created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ("VICP"), which provides compensation for people injured by vaccines such as the flu shot, tetanus shot, and other vaccines. These case, or vaccine injury claims, are processed in the Vaccine Court, a division of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Cases are handled by our vaccine injury lawyers. Our fees at My Vaccine Lawyer are paid through the program, not by our clients. 

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is unlike traditional civil lawsuits. Although it is referred to as the Vaccine Court, the system is more comparable to applying for benefits rather than suing a negligent party. The injured party (“petitioner”) does not testify at a deposition or answer interrogatories. Rather, the petitioner shares details of his or her vaccine injury through a written affidavit. In some cases, the petitioner may testify at a hearing.

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The Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund

Vaccine Injury Compensation | My Vaccine LawyerVaccine manufacturers such as Merck and Sanofi Pasteur pay a $0.75 tax on each vaccine dose they make. The proceeds from the tax are deposited into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund. Currently, this fund holds over $3 billion, set aside specifically to compensate those injured by a vaccine.

Unlike a civil lawsuit wherein the plaintiff/petitioner is seeking compensation from a defendant, claims through the Vaccine Injury Compensation program are paid from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund.

By filing a claim through the VICP, the injured party is petitioning the court for compensation from the Trust Fund. Petitioners can recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and reimbursement of past and future medical expenses.


Vaccine Injury Compensation Program | My Vaccine Lawyer

Petitioners Pay No Attorney’s Fees

The petitioner’s attorney is paid directly from the Trust Fund as well. The petitioner’s monetary award is separate from the attorney’s fees, thus the petitioner keeps every penny of his or her compensation. This differs from a civil lawsuit where the attorney takes a percentage of the compensation. 

Our team of vaccine injury attorneys at My Vaccine Lawyer represent people all over the United States for injuries and adverse reactions caused by vaccines. To speak with a vaccine injury lawyer about your claim, you can contact us at (800) 229-7704.


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