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Legal Help For Vaccine Injury Claims

Vaccine Injury Claims: How We Can Help

No one receives a vaccine with the expectation of suffering a severe adverse reaction or injury. However, in a small percentage of vaccine administrations, serious injuries do occur. Often, the recipients that do suffer a reaction are stigmatized by others, including medical professionals, who do not fully understand the medical causal relationship between vaccines and the associated adverse reactions.

Our vaccine injury attorneys are well-versed in the dangerous effects and conditions that can be caused by vaccines and have litigated thousands of vaccine injury cases in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. In addition, we work closely with the best medical specialists in orthopedics, neurology, and immunology so that we can constantly evolve and better represent our clients. With the support of our medical experts and our experience in vaccine claim litigation, we are the best ally an injured party can have in a vaccine claim. Here’s why:

  • We perform a comprehensive analysis of all cases and explain it to the injured party step by step. When a potential or current client calls My Vaccine Lawyer, he or she can expect to speak with an experienced vaccine attorney who will closely examine the facts of the case and explain the legal options moving forward.
  • We can work with medical providers to ensure that each client gets necessary treatment. We are familiar with the various issues that arise in seeking treatment for an injury including specialist referrals, diagnostic tests, insurance issues, and medical bills.
  • We will pay all of the costs of each claim (and clients do not pay us back). This includes obtaining medical records, paying filing fees, and paying medical experts. We never take any money from our clients for costs or legal fees. Rather, the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund will pay our costs when we successfully resolve a claim.
  • We will work tirelessly to move each claim forward as quickly as possible. In every case it is our goal to resolve the claim in under one year. We cultivate professional relationships with many of the Judges and defense lawyers to ensure that each claim can be handled expeditiously. We know that clients rely on this compensation and we want them to have it as soon as they can. We will always keep each client informed regarding the status of his or her case. 


Vaccine Injury Litigation is Vital

Many of our clients have already discussed their case with a family friend or local personal injury attorney before they find us. These conversations can be misleading, as vaccine injury compensation is a very specialized type of Federal litigation involving complex legal, medical, and scientific issues. These are not “local” cases and cannot be filed in state courts by a local personal injury attorneys practice.

Experienced Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Our attorneys are specially licensed to practice in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and only handle vaccine claims. Since vaccine injury litigation is a highly specialized area of practice, there are few practicing attorneys in the vaccine injury field. Our vaccine attorneys focus exclusively on this area.


Our History of Success in Vaccine Court

Over the past few years alone, our attorneys have litigated thousands of vaccine injury cases through settlement or trial. We know the defenses raised by the Department of Justice attorneys and prepare each case with the specific goal of combating those defenses. Our efforts have achieved some of the best results in the program in recent years.

We operate with a mind toward client satisfaction. We keep our clients updated through each step of the process and explain potential problems and case strategy as we progress. We take pride in providing an outstanding client experience along with compensating our clients to the fullest extent that the VICP allows.




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