$40+ Million Recovered Since 2019

$40+ Million Recovered Since 2019

Hepatitis A Vaccine Adverse Reactions

Hepatitis A is a viral infection that usually originates from a feces contaminated water or food source. Common throughout the world, Hepatitis A is more prevalent in the United States among food handlers and in restaurants. Hepatitis A spreads from close contact with an infected person.  Once contracted, Hepatitis A targets the liver of the person recently infected. If you have suffered an adverse reaction or injury after receiving the Hepatitis A vaccine, you may be entitled to compensation from a federal fund called the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund.  


About the Hepatitis A Shot

Since the 1990s, the Hepatitis A vaccine has become increasingly standard for children and older adults. Children typically receive the Hepatitis A vaccine along with a booster shot between one and two years of age. The estimated efficacy of the vaccine is 20 years. In recent years, the United States has seen a steady growth of Hepatitis A outbreaks throughout the country, primarily in the restaurant industry. Due to the relatively new standard of administration of the Hepatitis A vaccine, many older Americans are unvaccinated and susceptible to the infection.

Symptoms from the Hep A Vaccine

As demand for the vaccine grows across the country, medical providers and state health departments are scrambling to keep up. If you have recently received the Hepatitis A vaccination, or plan on receiving one soon, it is important to be alert for allergic and/or adverse reactions.  Telltale symptoms of an adverse reaction include the following:

  • Headaches
  • Decreased appetite
  • Body aches/soreness
  • Fatigue
  • Numbness and tingling in the extremities




Injuries from the Hep A Vaccine

The above could be early signs of serious illness including Guillain-Barre Syndrome (“GBS”), Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (“CIDP”), and Parsonage-Turner Syndrome (“PTS”)Improper administration of the vaccination, can also result in shoulder-related injuries. Common shoulder injuries related to improper administration include:


Compensation for Hepatitis A Vaccine Injuries

If you have suffered from any of the above adverse reactions and/or shoulder injuries within six (6) months of receiving the Hepatitis A vaccine, contact My Vaccine Lawyer today for a free case evaluation. Speak directly with one of our attorneys to discuss potential compensation for your vaccine injuryNot only is the phone call free, but our representation comes at no cost to you.


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