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Our team of attorneys, staff, and medical experts have represented over 3,500 clients across the country.

We litigate each case from start to finish. This includes a free case evaluation and an in-depth analysis of the facts and medical theory for each case. We work with the nation’s leading medical experts to move each case towards a resolution as quickly as possible, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Max Muller, Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Max Muller

Founding Parter

"Max Muller and team were compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced. They kept me informed and took care of all of the legal work. No amount of compensation could fully make up for the pain I suffered or the time I lost with my family, but they exceeded expectations."

Paul Brazil, Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Paul Brazil

Founding Partner

"Paul Brazil was my lawyer, always professional and kind. Their team handled my case with efficiency, professionalism, and patience. There were delays due to waiting for responses from the government’s vaccine injury program, and they always explained what was going on, keeping me up to date."

James Muller, Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Jim Muller

Of Counsel

"The office was very helpful from start to finish with the problem that I encountered. It was a long process but they continued to work through it helping to get the situation resolved and finalized for me. I appreciate the kindness and professionalism that was shown."

Amy Senerth, Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Amy Senerth

Associate Attorney

"Everyone in this office was so responsive and kind to me throughout my entire emotional process with my vaccine injury. Every time I needed them to be there for me - they were and more. Not only did they meet my needs on the law end - but they also were there emotionally for me with my injury. This law firm MATTERS - too many names to mention - but each one of them helped me in more than one way"

Bridget McCullough Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Bridget McCullough

Associate Attorney

"I really appreciate the work and time devoted to helping me with my case. I went looking for answers and found them here. I recommend them highly, for their care, assistance, and professionalism. Bridget was personable and helpful any time we spoke, thank you, and also to the whole team."

Leigh Finfer Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Leigh Finfer

Associate Attorney

"Attorney Leigh Finfer worked very hard on my case. In spite of the obstacles created by the pandemic , she worked tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome on my behalf. My frequent phone calls were always answered. I often received reassurance that we would get through this difficult time together."

Laura Levenberg Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Laura Levenberg

Associate Attorney

"From day one they were extremely knowledgeable of the process and kept me informed every step of the way. They gave me great legal advice, but let me know that the ultimate decision was mine to make. Of course when dealing with the government, the process was long, but they kept me encouraged. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs a good attorney to represent them in a vaccine injury case."

"I recommend them. It took a while to achieve the settlement but they were honest in advising me that it would take time. I received a great settlement; I was provided straight forward no nonsense advice and guidance and regular updates. When they needed something from me for the case they were quick to communicate with me. Overall, they came across with integrity; lightheartedness and professionalism."
- Jez, SIRVA Client