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Flu Season

Image for a blog post titled 'FLU SHOT GUIDANCE', showing a person sneezing into a tissue with the subtitle 'NAVIGATING VACCINATION WITH A COLD' by MY VACCINE LAWYER.

Can I Get a Flu Shot if I Have a Cold? Expert Advice on Vaccinations & Mild Illness

There can occasionally be some confusion with the question, “Can I get a flu shot if I have a cold?” Most often, the answer is yes.

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Featured image for blog post When is flu season in The United States? Chalkboard that says get you flu shot

When is flu season in The United States?

Each year, the flu virus grips the nation, prompting discussions about the importance of vaccination.

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Blog featured image of a woman getting a shot from a doctor and a caption that says “relieve flu shot side effects

How To Relieve Flu Shot Side Effects

To relieve flu shot side effects, start by applying a cold compress to the injection site right after getting the shot to reduce pain and swelling....

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Blog featured image of a person in blue gloves holding a vial and a caption that says “High Dose Flu Vaccine

High Dose Flu Vaccine

The high dose flu vaccine is new vaccination on the market formulated for people age 65 years and older. Like other flu vaccines, the high-dose is...

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