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Injection Site

Close-up of a syringe administering a vaccine with the text 'Types of Injections' and logo 'My Vaccine Lawyer by Muller Brazil'

Types of Injections

The proper administration of injections is critical in the healthcare field, and it’s beneficial to be aware of all their different types with...

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Blog featured image for Injection Site Reactions, Picture of a woman showing her arm and the reaction that she has from the vaccines injection site

Injection Site Reactions

In this blog post, we will dive into the various types of vaccine injection site reactions, their symptoms, treatment and how to prevent and manage...

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Blog featured image of a person wearing white getting vaccinated and a caption that says “Intramuscular Injection

Incorrect Intramuscular Injection: Vaccine Injected In The Wrong Area

Intramuscular injections are a quick and easy way to administer medication, but they can also be dangerous if not done properly. A bad injection can...

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