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Vaccines in the Vaccine Injury
Compensation Program

And their role in a vaccine injury lawsuit.

Vaccines in the VICP are covered under the Vaccine Injury Table. If you had one of these vaccines and were injured, you may be eligible for compensation.

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What vaccines are covered in the VICP?

Every day adults and children across the country receive these types of vaccines. Unfortunately, some experience severe and debilitating reactions. After passing the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act in 1986, the legislation made way for Congress to create the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program ("VICP") – to help the victims of adverse vaccine reactions. The no-fault alternative program allows those of any age across the United States who believe that they may have suffered an injury from one of the covered vaccines to file a claim. Once a claim is submitted, compensation through a settlement is possible for those who have been injured. The injury attorneys at My Vaccine Lawyer have represented thousands of clients in the VICP. If you believe that you or a loved have suffered a vaccine injury, speak directly with one of our vaccine injury lawyers for a free case evaluation. Still unsure? No problem - see what our clients have said about their vaccine injury payouts.


What is a vaccine injury?

A vaccine injury is an injury or condition caused by a vaccination such as MMR vaccine or flu vaccine, . There are many types of vaccine injuries ranging from shoulder injuries to serious neurological diseases. But, in the simplest terms, a vaccine injury is some unintended harm or adverse reaction caused by a vaccination. These injuries help create a case for a vaccine injury claim which are filed in the vaccine program. Our attorneys will be your legal representative in the vaccine court against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Our specialized attorneys litigate each case before a Special Master in the Court of Federal Claims using medical records, scientific case reports from medical experts and witness affidavits, among other materials.


How common are vaccine injuries?

Vaccine injuries are rare. The majority of people that receive vaccinations will not have any problems. But vaccine reactions do happen and people do suffer serious complications. Individuals who receive vaccines may experience serious reactions and injuries such as shoulder injuries like Bursitis, Frozen Shoulder, Rotator Cuff Injury, and Tendonitis or neurological damage from conditions such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Transverse Myelitis, Ulnar Neuropathy, or Parsonage-Turner Syndrome. Some of these injuries require extensive medical treatment including surgery and long-term treatment.


What are common vaccine injury symptoms?

Vaccine Injury symptoms can vary greatly depending on what type of vaccine injury you suffered. Injured individuals may feel some shoulder pain after vaccination. You may develop tingling in your hands and feet, rashes or more significant neurological symptoms. These could just be brief symptoms that resolve on their own or they could be the beginning of a more serious vaccine related injury. In addition, it is possible to file a petition for an injury following multiple vaccines. In fact, founding partner of Paul Brazil won for a client who suffered injuries from numerous vaccines.

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Covered vaccines in the VICP

Non-covered vaccines in the VICP

Vaccine injury statistics

There are a few government entities that record and analyze vaccine statistics. The first is VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System. The second is the Vaccine Injury Compensation Data compilation provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration. VAERS is essentially a warning system and statistics keeping tool for detecting possible safety issues with vaccinations. VAERS is run by the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the CDC website, the main goals of VAERS are to:

  • Detect new, unusual, or rare adverse events that happen after vaccination;
  • Monitor increases in known side effects, such as arm soreness at injection site;
  • Identify patient risk factors for types of health problems related to vaccines;
  • Assess the safety of newly licensed vaccines;
  • Watch for unexpected or unusual patterns in adverse event reports;
  • Serve as a monitoring system in public health emergencies.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Data provides information on the vaccine injury compensation trust fund. It is especially helpful in finding the following:

  • Vaccine injury petitions filed;
  • Adjudications compensated and dismissed;
  • Awards paid by type and amount;
  • Claims by vaccine;
  • Adjudication categories by vaccine.

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If you or a loved one has experienced a serious reaction to a vaccine or suffered an injury following a vaccination, you must act quickly. You may be eligible for compensation through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program for an alleged injury. Contact us today for a free case evaluation and speak directly with one of our injury lawyers. Our services come at absolutely no cost to you. All attorney fees are paid from the Vaccine Injury Trust Fund which is subsidized by a 75 cent excise tax on each dose produced by the vaccine manufacturers.



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