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Max Muller Wins Compensation for a Vaccine Injury Victim of CIDP

Attorney Max Muller was retained by a man who suffered from CIDP as the result of a flu shot. Approximately three days after vaccination, he felt significant leg weakness and numbness which developed into an inability to walk over the following few days. He was ultimately diagnosed with CIDP and continues to undergo Intravenous Immunoglobulin (“IVIG”) treatments more than three years after diagnosis.

Attorney Max Muller filed a petition in the Court of Federal Claims seeking compensation from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  The case was complicated by the client's prior back injury from which he experienced leg weakness and tingling for years which lead to a back surgery approximately six weeks before vaccination.  The government chose to defend the case vigorously on the basis that CIDP symptoms continued from the back surgery through the flu shot and could not be separated.

After nearly two years of litigation and a hearing conducted in Memphis, TN, the Department of Health and Human Services ultimately chose to settle the case to avoid further exposure.  The compensation package totaled nearly $300,000.00 for pain and suffering and out of pocket medical expenses.

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