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The Difference Between Table and Non-Table Vaccine Injuries

The Difference Between Table and Non-Table Vaccine Injuries

The Vaccine Injury Table lists injuries and/or conditions associated with some covered vaccines.This applies even if a covered vaccine is administered "off-label" or contrary to CDC or Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices recommendations.

Understanding the Vaccine Injury Table

If the first symptom of these injuries and/or conditions occurs within the specified time periods and the injury meets the definition included in the Table, it is presumed that the vaccine caused the injury or condition unless another cause is proven. 

If your injury and/or condition is not on the Table, or if your injury and/or condition does not meet the Table requirements, you must prove through evidence such as expert witness testimony, medical records, or medical opinion that the vaccine caused the injury and/or condition.


What vaccines are on the Vaccine Injury Table?

The VICP covers most vaccines routinely given in the United States. In order for a particular vaccine to be covered by the Program, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) must recommend the category of vaccine for routine administration to children or pregnant women, and the vaccine manufacturer must be subject to an excise tax by federal law.

Current covered vaccines include:


What injuries are covered under the Vaccine Injury Table?

Under the VICP, injuries are divided into two categories: a “Table” injury and a “Non-Table” injury.

For an injury to be considered a table injury, it must be included on the Vaccine Injury Table. When an injury is considered a table injury, this means that if that table injury occurred within the amount of time specified by the table, the court presumes that the vaccine caused the injury.

Current injuries and adverse reactions covered by the table are:


What injuries are not listed under the Vaccine Injury Table?

If you receive a covered vaccine and suffer an injury that is not listed on the table, it is considered a “Non-Table” Injury. If you experienced a non-table injury, you may still file a petition to receive compensation in Vaccine Court.
In such cases, the court will not presume that the injury was caused by the vaccine. This means that your attorney must make the argument that the vaccine is what caused you harm. It is not enough that your symptoms began shortly after receiving a vaccine, rather your attorney has to offer evidence, usually a medical expert, to show a logical, causal relationship between the vaccine and the injury.

Although proving a non-table injury is more difficult, our attorneys at My Vaccine Lawyer are experienced in litigating these cases. We work with world renowned medical experts to win your case and get you the compensation you deserve.


See Vaccine Injury Table Here



Why Choose My Vaccine Lawyer

Our team of experienced attorneys, staff, and medical experts have represented thousands of clients across the U.S. and recovered $50+ million since our inception. At My Vaccine Lawyer, we litigate each case from start to finish. This includes a free case evaluation and an in-depth analysis of the facts and medical theory for each case. We work with the nation’s leading medical experts to move each case towards a resolution as quickly as possible, keeping you informed every step of the way while getting you compensation for your pain, suffering, medical expenses and wage loss. Call us today for a free consultation.

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