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Rotavirus Vaccine Can Cause a Stomach Blockage in Infants

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NBC 10 Philadelphia recently aired a story regarding a study which found an increased chance of "stomach blockage" in infants caused by the Rotavirus vaccine.  The stomach blockage to which they refer is actually Intussusception, a medical condition in which one part of the intestine slides over another part in a "telescoping" manner, resulting in bowel blockage.

In the study, researchers examined information collected from the administration of 1.2 million doses of RotaTeq, the most common rotavirus vaccine used in the United States, and more than 100,000 doses of Rotarix, another rotavirus vaccine licensed for use in the U.S. (The rotavirus vaccination is given as a two- or three-shot series to infants ages 2 to 6 months.)  The researchers found that during the three weeks after vaccination, the RotaTeq vaccine was linked with about 15 extra cases of Intussusception per 1 million vaccinated infants, or one case per 65,000 doses given.

A previous version of the rotavirus vaccine, called RotaShield, was withdrawn from the market in 1999 after it was linked with an increased risk of intussusception (about one to two cases per 10,000 people vaccinated).

Study researcher Katherine Yih, of Harvard Medical School, said parents should be aware that "the chances of their child getting this outcome is small."  Still, Yih noted for intussusception, "the risk isn't zero." Parents should watch for signs of severe abdominal pain in their children during the first week after vaccination, Yih said. The study is published online in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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