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Max Muller

Featured image for a blog discussing 'What is a live vaccine', showing a syringe positioned next to a vaccine vial with the title 'THEIR ROLE AND SAFETY' and 'MY VACCINE LAWYER' by Muller Brazil.

Exploring What is a Live Vaccine: Essentials and Safety Overview

Live vaccines are important tools in preventing about 4 million deaths globally each year, as reported by the CDC. These vaccines use a weakened form of a virus to safely trigger a strong immune response, protecting against diseases like measles,...

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The image displays a row of syringes labeled 'Vaccine' against a vibrant yellow background, with a navy blue overlay to the right featuring the text

Ranking the Most Painful Vaccinations: A Surprising Look at Immunization Discomfort

Some vaccines hurt more than others due to factors like the injection method, vaccine ingredients, and individual sensitivity relating to genetics...

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An elder person appearing concerned, touching their forehead, with text 'NMO Disease: Exploring the Determinants of Life Expectancy' by My Vaccine Lawyer from Muller Brazil.

NMO Disease Life Expectancy: Key Factors and Insights

Understanding the factors influencing life expectancy for those with this Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) is essential in providing the best possible care...

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 A person holding their left hand with their right hand, seemingly in pain or discomfort, possibly indicating symptoms related to Guillain-Barré Syndrome. The image is overlaid with a translucent blue banner featuring the text

Understanding Guillain-Barré Syndrome Life Expectancy

In this blog post, we’ll explore what GBS is, its impact on Guillain Barré Syndrome life expectancy, treatment options, and tips for living with this...

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Featured image for blog Arm Pain After a Meningitis Shot, and holding his arm due to pain from the meningitis shot

Arm Pain After a Meningitis Shot

This is a must-read for anyone experiencing discomfort after receiving a meningitis vaccine. Arm pain, redness, and swelling are common but typically...

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Featured image for blog post When is flu season in The United States? Chalkboard that says get you flu shot

When is Flu Season in the United States?

Each year, the flu virus grips the nation, prompting discussions about the importance of vaccination.

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Blog featured image of a father, mother and daughter siting on couch after getting a flu shot and cation that says flu shot after care

Flu Shot: What to Avoid After Vaccination

Millions of people get a flu shot yearly to protect themselves from influenza viruses. While the flu shot is a powerful tool in protecting yourself...

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Blog featured image of a vial beside a stethoscope with a syringe and a caption that says “Pneumococcal Vaccines

Understanding Pneumococcal Vaccines: Types, Benefits, and Side Effects

Pneumococcal disease caused by streptococcus pneumoniae, though perhaps not a household name, poses a significant health risk that leads to thousands...

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Blog featured image of a man holding his right shoulder and a caption that says “prevent arm pain after vaccine

How To Prevent Arm Pain After a Vaccine

To prevent arm soreness after receiving a vaccine, make sure to hydrate well and get good rest before your appointment. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as...

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