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Max Muller

Blog featured image of a woman with red spots on her back and a caption that says “Chickenpox vaccine varivax

Varivax Vaccine Guide: Chickenpox Prevention & Safety

The vaccine works by introducing a weakened form of the virus, helping your body build immunity without causing the illness. Given in two doses, it provides over 95% protection and long-term safety. Most people only experience mild side effects, but...

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Blog featured image of a woman in a red shirt holding her neck and a caption that says “Post-Vaccine Arm Mobility

Unable To Move Arm After Vaccine? Unwanted Vaccine Side Effect

If you can't move your arm after getting a vaccine, you might have a condition called Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA). This...

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Blog featured image of a person wearing blue gloves holding a vial and a caption that says “Sue Vaccine Manufacturers

Can You Sue a Vaccine Company or Manufacturer?

If a vaccine has injured you, you may wonder if you can sue the vaccine companies, manufacturers, or pharmaceutical companies. The answer is...

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Blog featured image of a woman getting a shot from a doctor and a caption that says “relieve flu shot side effects

How To Relieve Flu Shot Side Effects

To relieve flu shot side effects, start by applying a cold compress to the injection site right after getting the shot to reduce pain and swelling....

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Blog featured image of a person holding a syringe with a needle and a caption that says “Table vs Non-Table

The Difference Between Table and Non-Table Vaccine Injuries

Understanding how to get compensation for vaccine injuries can be tricky, but it helps to know the difference between "Table" and "Non-Table"...

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Shealene's Settlement

SIRVA Lawyer Wins $267K for Flu Shot Client

If you've experienced shoulder pain or limited mobility after a flu shot, you might have a SIRVA injury. This includes amounts for pain, suffering,...

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$4 Million Won for TDaP Shot Injury by Max Muller

For someone who has been injured by a TDaP vaccine, like in this case in North Carolina or other states, you could be eligible for significant...

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Blog featured image of a man refusing to someone and a caption that says “Mandatory FLU vaccination

Can Your Employer Force You To Get A Flu Shot?

Vaccine injuries have left employers and employees with a question that may not have a definitive answer. With the beginning of each flu season, both...

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Blog featured image of a gavel and a stethoscope on a table and a caption that says “Vaccine Injury Table

SIRVA & GBS: Navigating Vaccine Injury Claims

For anyone who has experienced SIRVA (Shoulder Injury Resulting from Vaccine Administration) or Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) after a vaccination,...

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Lawyer Max Muller celebrating with CIDP vaccine injury victim

Max Muller Wins Compensation for CIDP Vaccine Injury

Attorney Max Muller recently won a significant case for a client who developed Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) after a flu...

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