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Max Muller

Shoulder Injury from Flu Shot, SIRVA | My Vaccine Lawyer

Max Muller Secures Six-Figure Settlement for SIRVA Victim

Attorney Max Muller was retained by a woman who suffered a shoulder injury following a flu shot and pneumonia vaccine. Immediately following the vaccination, she felt intense left upper arm pain and swelling and developed redness, swelling and a...

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Blog featured image of a person in blue gloves holding a vial and a caption that says “High Dose Flu Vaccine

High Dose Flu Vaccine: Benefits and Legal Help for Injuries

The high dose flu vaccine is new vaccination on the market formulated for people age 65 years and older. Like other flu vaccines, the high-dose is...

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Blog featured image of a baby taking medication and a caption that says “Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus Vaccine Risks: Stomach Blockage in Infants

Do you have an infant who got the rotavirus vaccine? This prevents severe diarrhea, and can sometimes cause a rare but serious condition called...

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Blog featured image of a woman getting vaccinated and a caption that says “Gardasil Effect on Women

HPV Vaccine Adverse Reactions: Women's Experiences

While Gardasil vaccine is designed to prevent serious cancers caused by HPV, it has been linked to adverse reactions ranging from mild symptoms to...

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