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Vaccines (2)

Blog featured image of a woman with green bandaid in her shoulder and a caption that says “Post-Vaccination Arm Discomfort

Arm Hurts After Vaccine

In the global pursuit of public health and disease prevention, vaccines have emerged as indispensable allies. The overwhelming majority of...

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Blog featured image of a person holding a syringe with a needle and a caption that says “Table vs Non-Table

The Difference Between Table and Non-Table Vaccine Injuries

The Vaccine Injury Table lists injuries and/or conditions associated with some covered vaccines.This applies even if a covered vaccine is...

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Paul Brazil Vaccine Injury Lawyer | My Vaccine Lawyer

Paul Brazil Wins For Client Who Suffered From Multiple Vaccines

Attorney Paul Brazil was retained by a young woman who, on September 26, 2013, received several vaccinations at her primary care physician’s office...

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